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Join one of our regular webinars to learn more about a specific topic with VideoMyJob.

Gain invaluable insights and hands-on guidance as our experts walk you through all things VideoMyJob. Elevate your skills and effortlessly harness the potential of our user-friendly platform. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, our webinars provide the knowledge and tools you need to create impactful videos and enhance collaboration.

girl in front of large phone
Admin Producer Editor

Getting Started With VideoMyJob (45min)

Get you and your team trained up on the essential elements to creating videos, and an intro to our app capabilities.

Video Ambassador Training Image
ambassador filmer

Video Ambassador Training (25min)

Need to film a video for someone? or yourself? Received a video request via email? and you want some guidance on how to get the job done as quickly as possible? This training will help you use VideoMyJob to get the job done (no pun intended)

VideoMyJob Film Only Users - Train the Trainer
Admin Producer

Film Only Train the Trainer Session (30min)

Learn everything you need to know about the Video Plan and Film Only workflow to gather videos from your coworkers with ease.

admin producer editor

Story Feed Walkthrough (15min)

In this walkthrough we will show you how Story Feed works, and how it can advance your impact on candidates with authentic employee stories.